The Number on the Scale May be Lying

It seems like in today’s society, every time you turn around there is some new, hip health trend on the market. People are always looking for a way to look amazing without having to put in a lot of work. It is typically beaten into our heads at a young age that we have to have a certain body type and weight. But are the old ideals of yesteryear still accurate today? Science is actually saying no.

BMI isn’t Necessarily YOU

The body mass index is a scaled we all learned about when we started to get into our teens and early twenties. It is a scientific scale that measures our weight according to how tall we are. It used to be that you had to stay within a certain weight category according to your height. However, some people are questioning the validity of this method.

Say, for example, you are an Olympic lifter. You work out hard every day, you base your diet around your training, and you have been given a clean bill of health every time you go see your doctor. Unfortunately, according to your doctor you are obese. How can it possibly be that you are obese when you are training as an Olympic lifter and are in the best shape of your life? According to the BMI index, if you carry around more weight than what your height should allow you are overweight.

For many people this is extremely frustrating. Athlete bodies are constantly changing to meet the demands of their training. Some days the scale may say they are overweight and other days it may say they are underweight. It most typically depends on what type of activity that they are involved in and what type of demands are placed on their body every day.


Being overweight isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It doesn’t always mean that a person is unhealthy. There are some body types out there that are naturally built bigger because of genetics and they live long, healthy lives even though the BMI says otherwise.

Thin people aren’t always the healthiest people either. Just because they aren’t carrying around a lot of extra weight, doesn’t necessarily they are healthier than a person who is heavier set than they are. A thin person can actually have just as many issues trying to stay healthy as anyone else.

Stop Looking at the Scale

So many of us spend a ton of time tied to the scale. If you are trying to lose some extra weight because you just want to look better, good for you. Stay away from the scale in the beginning. The number on the scale doesn’t make you who you are today. Just because you may be carrying around a little bit of extra weight doesn’t mean that you are unhealthy. Do what makes you feel best and stop letting the fad diets and ideal weights make you think differently about yourself. Remember that there will always be a new ideal of what the perfect body is coming out in a few days. Is trying to keep up really worth your time?

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What are your thoughts on the Queensland Reds?

New season and a lot of new faces has me excited for Queensland Reds prospects this year. I am particular excited to see how James O’conner and Karmichael Hunt go this year.

Here is Will Genias take:

The biggest thing is the fresh energy and enthusiasm, because we’ve changed the way we want to play and our whole calling structure,” Genia said.

The refreshing of the playing squad with Karmichael (Hunt), James (O’Connor), Adam Thomson and all the young guys has really added to that.

We’ve had to reinvent ourselves to keep up with the way the game is always changing. It really burned finishing so poorly in 13th with the roster we had last year.

What do you other fans think? How will we fare this year?

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20-Minute Muscle Builder

You might find it difficult to focus on fitness if you are constantly pressed for time. However, if you are focused and dedicated, you can build your strength and muscle effectively with just 20 minutes per day. With this simple program, you will become stronger and muscular in no time.


The Program

The program is simple and requires one barbell and a bench with only 4 basic lifts involved. These exercises are split between two days that you will rotate between throughout the entirety of your work.
Workout A consists of the deadlift and military press, while workout B consists of the bench press and bent-over barbell row.

Make sure that you know the maximum amount of weight you are able to lift for a solid repetition with correct technique, and use this maximum to calculate the number of weights you will use for the very first week of your training. Adjust your loads according to your results for the weeks following.

Before exercising, make sure that you warm up with 2 – 3 warm-up sets. Then do a total of 4 sets per exercise with the following:

Set 1: Complete 5 repetitions with 80% of your maximum load.
Set 2: Complete 1 repetition with 90% of your maximum load.
Set 3: Complete 1 repetition with 92% of your maximum load.
Set 4: Complete as many repititions as you can with 60% of your maximum load. Ideally, the number of repetitions will be between 15 and 20.

Train Frequently

Rather than focusing on volume, you need to make sure you continue to train frequently. Do not change exercises every workout if you want this program to be effective. Train frequently with the same movements to force your body to adapt and build muscle.
Although the program seems simple enough, you will see results within a month.

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2015 Queensland Sporting Events

So with the new year upon us it is time to have a look ahead to what the great state of Queensland has to offer us sports fanatics (besides re-claiming the State of Origin shield):

Jan 4-11: Brisbane International (Tennis)

Jan 10: Magic Millions (Horse Racing)

Jan 10-22: AFC Asian Asian Cup (Football)

AFC Asian Cup

Feb 7-8: Bundaberg Cup (Touch Football)

Feb 12-15: RACV Ladies Masters (Golf)

Feb 21: ICC Cricket World Cup (Cricket)

ICC Cricket World Cup

Feb 27-Mar 11: Quiksilver and Roxy Pro (Surfing)

Apr 11-12: Gold Coast Triathlon (Triathlon)

Jun 13-25: Australian Open (Lawn Bowls)

Jun 27 – Jul 3: Cairns to Karumba Bike Ride (Cycling)

Jul 17-19: Bowen Superboats (Power Boats)

Bowen Superboats

Jul 18: Rugby Championship (Rugby Union)

Well perhaps I didn’t cover the whole year but this list is a round-up of what has been confirmed so far. By no means is it an exhaustive list I have just picked a few of my favorite events and am excited for a bigger and better 2015.

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Why Lifting Weights is Important to Functional Health

Can Lifting Weights Help Me?

Many people think weight lifting is for people that want to be Mr. or Mrs. Universe. They believe it is only for people that want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger and leave it at that. In reality, weight lifting has many benefits for everyone. You can do it without bulking up and be healthier in just a few minutes a day.

What Does It Do?

The most obvious benefit of weight training is for better and stronger muscles, but let’s look a little deeper into that. Did you know that increased muscle mass actually burns more calories? The more muscles you have, the more energy it will take thus, burning more of your caloric intake. The development of muscle also add to a stronger and better developed bone structure. You will look and feel healthier by reducing your overall fat content. It can also help prevent future illnesses like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The more muscle groups you can use, the better.
You will have more energy and the ability to lift more and do more with strong bones and muscles. As we age, this can become even more important.

The Three Components of Weight Training

There are three basic components you need to be aware of when starting a weight training program. The first is frequency. You need to establish a schedule that you can feasibly do in your busy life. This varies from person to person and may increase or decrease as you go along. A trainer can give you good advice. Intensity is also important. This is establishing the safest and maximum amount of weight you can lift. Finally, there is repetition. Obviously the more you can do, the more effect you will feel. You can work with your trainer to develop a good plan as to how many times you should lift specific weight before resting.


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Can’t Run Anymore? Try These Exercises

Just Can’t Find the Time?

Aside from injuries that can limit your running activity, there are a lot of other reasons, you just can’t find the time to run. On major holidays, it can often be a little awkward to be entertaining family and then get up and head out for a run, leaving your family behind. Work is another barrier that can sometimes ruin your running plans. How many nights have you worked late because of a meeting or covering for someone else? This is something every runner goes through, but there are ways to keep up with your fitness that don’t have to include running. Below are some examples you can try. If your inability to run is because of an injury, make sure you talk to your doctor or physical therapist to make sure these are okay and won’t advance your injury.

Working Out in a Gym

There are many alternative exercises that a person can partake in inside a gym that don’t require running. Stationary Bikes can give you a great cardio and are available in a gym or even in your home. For those of you that don’t have time for the drive to the gym, a home model may be best for you. Many gyms also offer less time consuming aerobic workouts. Remember, running requires the use of your legs and a good cardio workout. You can find any number of exercise routines in a gym that can work these areas.

Outdoor Training Activities

If you like the fresh air, road cycling is one of the best ways to replace running. If you are more adventurous, try off road cycling. Taking on numerous inclines or even just changing gears can give your legs and heart the workout they need. Trying these alternatives can and will help you maintain your fitness level without the running.



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How Anabolic Steroids Work

Anabolic steroids are drugs that resemble androgenic hormones like testosterone, or
derivations thereof. The defining characteristic, structurally, of all steroids is their
four-ring structure. Your body produces various steroids from Cholesterol (yes, the
icky stuff doctors tell you to avoid), which undergoes modifications and can
eventually become testosterone (if you’re lucky). This chapter will help you
understand what they do in your body, how they exert their effects, and how they
are metabolized.

Synthetic anabolic steroids are based on the principal male hormone testosterone,
modified in one of three ways:
a. Alkylation of the 17-carbon (makes them survive oral ingestion)
b. Esterification of the 17-OH group (alters active life and half life)
c. Modification of the steroid nucleus (changes their properties)
Pretty simple huh? But despite the number of synthetic AAS that have been
developed by these little modifications here and there, their modes of action are still
poorly understood.

As you know, male hormones, primarily testosterone, are responsible for the
developmental changes that occur in boys during puberty and later in adolescence.
Male hormones have both androgenic and anabolic effects. Androgenic effects are
changes in primary and secondary sexual characteristics, like enlargement of the
penis and testes, voice changes, hair growth on the face, increased nervous system
efficiency, and increased aggressiveness. The anabolic effects of androgens (again,
like testosterone) include increasing and limiting muscle protein synthesis by
increasing transport of amino acid across cell membranes. It is also an anti-catabolic
and inhibits cortisol by competing for receptor sites, as well as reducing cortisol
secretion and the signals, which precede cortisol secretion. In addition to these
anabolic effects, Testosterone increases the secretion of the other anabolic hormones
in the “super family”, such as growth hormone and Insulin-Like Growth Factors from
the liver, and finally, it produces an enhanced rate of erythropoietin synthesis. All of
these effects are, of course beneficial to athletes, and explain how steroids exert
their performance enhancing effects.

These effects are mediated, at least partially by stimulation of receptor molecules in
muscle cells (which we generally call androgen receptors), which activate specific
genes to produce proteins. Binding affinity to the androgen receptor has been used
to explain the differences in potencies and effects of the natural and synthetic
androgens we talk about, but that isn’t the full story. There are, of course, other
effects that steroids exert, and we call those “non-receptor-mediated” effects. These
are effects that happen indirectly, and not as a result of androgen receptor
stimulation. Stimulation of the androgen receptor produces both anabolic and anticatabolic effects, such as the retention of more nitrogen and the reduction of cortisol,
respectively. Remember, Cortisol causes muscle breakdown.
Sounds great, right? It’s everything we want and more! It’s not all roses, however,
because Anabolic steroid use decreases testosterone secretion. This happens
because your body operates on a negative-feedback-loop in regards to testosterone.
This means we’re going to attempt a balancing act regarding our natural hormones
and the ones we put into our body. If you read this book carefully, you’ll learn how
to use (or simply research) anabolic steroids to produce a heightened state of
athletic ability, strength, speed, and of course, increased muscle mass. Then you’ll
learn how to stop using steroids and not lose everything you’ve gained. Those are,
at least, my humble goals for you.

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Water – The greatest Health Supplement of them all

There are all kinds of health products and supplements on the market that promise to improve your health in some tremendous way. Some of these promises are misleading, only offering limited results. Others may actually work as advertised but may be fairly expensive. Either way, one thing that has remained constant even before the invention of health and diet products is the fact that water is very good for us.

An Underrated Supplement

Water may be one of the most underrated health supplements in existence. These days, one of the main reasons that people tend to ignore water is that it’s a very basic drink. No flavor, no special marketing (unless you get bottled water), no secret ingredients. Just plain hydration. Honestly, this is the only thing the human body physically needs, but of course we’ve also developed the need to mix things up when it comes to taste, so we’ve put in all kinds of flavorings into water, coming in the form of soda, coffee, and other beverages. The problem with all of these soft drinks is that it’s hard to verify how healthy they are. It’s hard to tell exactly what companies are putting in them. With water, there’s very little guessing.

Other Benefits

Besides keeping you hydrated, water also offers a few other benefits. Namely, water can help a great deal when going on a weight less plan. Much of it has to do with the fact that ordinary drinking water does not have any calories, and obviously calories are one of the most important aspects of maintaining a diet. Meanwhile, most other soft drinks can have a significant number of calories, and can often be the cause of unnecessary weight gain. Essentially, you can do your body a favor very easily by drinking more water rather than other types of liquids.

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